Top 5 Best Chicago Baby Shower Venues with Unique Vibe

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Are you looking for some picturesque venues for a baby shower? Chicago has plenty of unique venue options to host this kind of event. We want our moms-to-be to feel special on this day!

If you are looking for a nudge in the right direction, then you have come to the right place for answers. Get ready to preserve your special baby shower moments in time with my top 5 Best Chicago Baby Shower Venue options. These recommendations are guaranteed to provide a baby shower experience in fashion and style.  

Making an informed decision will ensure to preserve of those precious moments. Those of you with a creative touch will love the vision of celebration. Those of you with tendencies for picturesque views will adore the stylized celebrity hot spots. These baby shower recommendations offer perfect celebration spots for capturing your joyous occasion no matter your personality or style.

Are you ready to surprise your family and friends? Here are my best baby shower venue picks in Chicago:

5 Best Chicago Baby Shower Venues

Chicago Baby Shower Venues mom holding newborn table

1. Creativo Loft

If you are looking for a raw space with some celebratory vision and unique style, then Creativo Loft might just be the perfect baby shower venue for you. This space offers a remote music sound system with hidden prep areas and a kitchen in an open space that is 3,000 square feet.  With rustic hardwood floors and original 16-foot tall tin ceilings, this stylistic marvel is located in a historic building (constructed in 1887). Are you a history buff? If you are, this can be a perfect choice for your precious photos!

Chicago Baby Shower Venues

2. Urban Icing

Are you interested in a memorable venue for a mother-to-be? This cheerful baby shower venue in Buck town can be a good choice. Urban Icing has a welcoming staff that even caters to tiny details like setup, logistics, and decorations. Plus, a delicious and beautiful cake will be ready for you and your guests upon arrival! If you’re looking for cheerful vibes and a bright ray of sunshine for memorable photos, then Urban Icing is the place for you.

mom holding newborn with sister

3. Chez

Are you craving limitless artistic possibilities in a modern-looking space? Look no further! Chez works effectively with exclusive catering partners to design customized menus for you and your guests with a relaxed, artistic vibe. The design features are also as contemporary as they get. The white-painted brick walls, modern-looking glass staircase, and sleek mirage ghost chairs will amaze your guests for sure.

Maternity with child at chicago beach

4. Pinstripes Chicago

Are you looking for a baby shower event in a fun and entertaining space? This venue offers dramatic views of the Chicago skyline and a massive outdoor patio with a cozy fire pit. Pinstripes Chicago offers engaging entertainment with a flare of a made-from-scratch dining experience with dynamic features and buffet-style meals. Bocce courts and bowling lanes in a private dining space is the highlight. Pinstripes Chicago provides a large indoor dining space with features like multiple rustic details, brick, and exposed wood elements, and a three-course menu with a family-style dining option.      

gorgeous mom holding her baby in her elegant nursery

5. Siena Tavern

If you love admiring Italian art, then Siena Tavern is the baby shower venue for you. This inspiring venue is a celebrity hot spot with the picturesque representation of Siena. With a menu specially designed by globally recognized Chef Fabio Viviani, Siena Tavern is situated in Chicago’s River North Neighborhood. The elevated lounge complements the décor with vintage leather sofas and a built-in lush backdrop. If you are artistically inclined, then their industrial design will impress you for sure! All those elements like lush green walls, reclaimed wood, and swanky light fixtures will make this an outstanding choice for your baby shower.

So here you go. The Chicago Baby Shower venues mentioned above will definitely help you preserve your special event with some style. I hope my top picks will give you a viable option with a cool and stunning vibe. Have a great time planning the baby shower. Good Luck!

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