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I consider myself blessed as I earn a living doing what I love. I am a Chicago newborn photographer.  My job naturally involves capturing the most loving image of a new life that is brought into this world. You can say that there is never a dull moment when I am working. Interacting with loving parents and getting the chance to capture the innocence and bliss on a newborn’s face is a dream. My job requires me to create a unique environment or a backdrop to suit each child’s personality and to meet the parents demands. 

This part of my job has made me somewhat of an expert in the baby stores in and around the Chicago area. So, if you are looking to start out in the newborn photography space or are looking for a go-to store that you can visit to sort out your props then don’t worry, I have got you covered.

In this article, I am going to tell you about some of my favorite baby stores in Chicago. This article will also be very helpful for any parents that are in search for the perfect baby store to buy gifts or toys for their children. Let’s begin.

simple newborn photo with white headband
  1. Twinkle Twinkle Little one

This a store that will appeal particularly to people who can appreciate a little out of the box artistic aesthetic. It is also one of the reasons it is my top pick for newborn photography. Almost all products that you will find on this store are picture-perfect. They will look great in pictures and have the ability to make for a remarkable backdrop for newborn photography. It is one of the more elementary rules of newborn photography that the scene that you set is going to define the emotions that you are trying to capture in a photograph. Every little detail that you decide to incorporate in the frame is going to add something to the photograph. Which is why each prop must be picked carefully. This store is the perfect place to find props that will shine in a picture and add that extra depth and detail to it.

It is owned by Rachel Glasson who is a renowned name in the nursery design. No wonder the products that they sell are so beautiful. The artwork is unique, and the furniture is beautifully crafted. In addition to that, they also have a large range of fun and creative baby gifts which makes it a must visit for all parents as well. It is located at 2007 W Belmont Ave. Make sure to stop by if you are looking for something artistic and beautiful.

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  1. BabyDolls Boutique

If you are looking for a more in your face kind of vibe with your props then this store is great shout for it. They have a diverse collection of cute accessories that just add an element of fun and bliss to the photographs. The products that they offer range from teething toys to custom onesies. They also have an impressive range of baby jewelry and bottles. It is a kind of wonderland if you are a newborn photographer. Because all their products shine and as a result they add more life to your photographs. For parents, if you are looking for colorful and fun accessories and products then this is the prefect store that you will want to check out. They are located at 3727 N Southport Ave. Children want to have fun and this is store that sells products that add to that fun.

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  1. Psychobaby

Now there’s a name that grabs attention. This is perhaps the most unique baby store in the whole of Chicago, IL. This baby store is a hotspot for celebrities and is equally loved by locals as well. The unique thing about this store is that everything they sell is completely made to order and customizable. They do not mass produce their products. This means that you will be getting a unique product that someone else is unlikely to own. I have to say that their products might not align with everyone’s taste, but they are special for sure. They offer a whole lot of products ranging from pillowcases and flip flops to onesies and Hoodies. They are located in 1657 W Division St. 

If you are a Chicago newborn photographer and looking for unique props to add uniqueness to your photographs, then this is a must-visit store for you. And similarly, if you are a parent and want something special for your child, then you should stop by as well.

I hope that you find my recommendations helpful. Best of luck!

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