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You want to have the best pregnancy possible and you want to give birth in a way that brings you joy. You do not care what other people think of your choices, but rather how they make you feel. And when you’re wanting to have the most joyful birth possible, searching around for a doula […]

Chicago Doulas


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One of the most common questions I get from parents is what the difference is between lifestyle newborn photography and traditional studio newborn photography. As a Chicago newborn photographer, I can sometimes forget that the terms I use aren’t familiar to everybody! So, I wanted to take some time to explain what lifestyle newborn photography […]

What Is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?


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chicago newborn | kelly family

I was overjoyed when the Kelly family invited me into their newly built home. For me, it’s not just their home they are inviting me into, it’s a small window into their lives. It’s about laughing with them, being with them and showing them how beautiful their individual lives are. Kristi is a fellow hybrid […]

Chicago Newborn | Kelly Family


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