Last Minute Family Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’re realizing that the spookiest night of year is less than two weeks away, here are some last minute family halloween costume ideas! Halloween can be such a fun, family-friendly celebration. Coordinating looks as a family is an amazing way to spend this fun holiday.

1. Disney Families

From the Incredibles to the Madrigals, being a family from almost any Disney movie is a surefire hit. I know that may not seem like the most last minute, but if you take a trip into most costume stores, I promise you’ll have a range of choices. Party City is always a wonderful option, along with Spirit (although it might be a little too scary to bring your littles in!).

2. Forest Animals

This can definitely be more of a DIY costume-creating moment! Let your littles decide which animal they’d like to be, and get creative making accessories from your own supply of arts and crafts. This is a great option if your child insists on their own, individual costume. Another added bonus? You can get out your water-based paints and add a little extra flair with face painting! Before you know it, you’re going to have the cutest little family of woodland creatures to go trick-or-treating.

3. Scarecrows

This one can also be a simple DIY, at-home project. Get some flannels, denim jeans and even some overalls if you have them! Complete the look with some simple face paint, and some little pieces of grass or wheat sticking out from the legs of your pants and shirts. Of course, hats are always a welcome addition to really bring all the details to life.

4. Superhero Group

With so many different cartoons and movie studios to draw from, everyone can be a different hero! From DC to Marvel, your entire family can look like the Avengers. These are costumes you can simplify with t-shirts, or go all out with accessories from the party stores or Amazon. No matter what, this is a wonderful option for your littles to choose who they want to be, while still looking like a family.

5. Candy

While your children are still small, putting your littles in candy costumes is an adorable option. Not only that, but you can rest assured that they will stay nice and warm! Again, you can make this for DIY-friendly with colored t-shirts and handmade logos, or get life-size candy bar costumes. No matter which way you go, a candied family is such a cute way to go!

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