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What To Wear For Maternity Photos

The most commonly asked question I get before our session together is “what should I wear for my maternity photos?”

5 tips what to wear for maternity photos - pregnant woman in tight dress

What to wear for your maternity session

Tip #1: Choose an outfit that feels like you

I am specifically drawn to long flowy dresses when working with new moms. When good posing is used during a session, the kind of dress with a more draping fabric can bring such a romantic feel to the images. It also hides certain unflattering areas.

However, your style may not be long flowy dresses. Maybe you’re more of a comfy sweater with jeans curled up on the sofa kind of mom. Or you’re more into tight fitted dresses that will show off your bump better.

Whatever the case may be, wear what you feel most comfortable in that best represents your own personal style. Feeling beautiful and confident is the best way to show up to your maternity session.

Tip #2: Avoid large and distracting colors patterns

When having your maternity photos taken, we want the session’s focus to be on the fine details of your bumps shape. So adding big patterns and loud colors can be a bit distracting.

I realize there are many maternity maxi dresses out there with big floral patterns. However, when photographing at different angles and converting images into black and white, they may not translate well. I recommend doing with a minimal pattern and texture. There is such a thing as too much lace as well.

Tip #3: Look for more neutral or color tones

When curating a timeless and classic maternity session, a neutral color palette keeps your images from looking outdated.

I recommend color palettes that translate much better in black in white images such as creams, blush, gray, light blue, navy, burgundy, emerald.

Tip #4: Add layers and textures

Here in Chicago, we don’t get too many warm and sunny days. I recommend draping a cozy knit sweater over your arms. This is especially great for adding dimension and warmth to your maternity photos. Texture and layers create more interest in a photo, therefore making your images stand out. Jackets, scarves, shawls are also a creative way to make your outfit feel more flattering.

Adding in special clothing layers is another way to add variety to your look without changing your outfit completely. Bonus: an example like a holding the brim of your hat can give you something natural to do with your hands.

what to wear for maternity photos on the beach

Tip #5: Look for outfits that have an empire waist

You don’t have to be constrained to only buying maternity clothing lines. There are plenty of beautiful outfits that can work for pre and post maternity. Start by looking at your favorite clothing stores and see if they carry any dresses with an empire waist. This allows for proper placement for the dress to snug your body and accentuate your bump.


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