How to use Sollybaby Wraps by Clarendon Hills chiropractor

Learn step by step on how to use Sollybaby wraps by Clarendon Hills chiropractor.

Below, Dr. Lauren Molinaro at Root and Bloom Chiropractic demonstrates how to properly wear your Sollybaby wrap and the benefits on baby wearing for moms and dad’s too.

how to use sollybaby wraps by clarendon hills chiropractor - baby boy held by mom in a sollybaby wrap
  1. There’s no one baby wear for all. everyone is different.
  2. These long fabrics can be intimidating
  3. Take the center tag, which will be the centerpiece for the center of your abdomen. Roll the wrap down to about half of it’s width, and place around your abdomen.
  4. Taking both sides of fabric, wrap each one around your back making an X shape on your back. what’s most important here is that you take the fabric here and make it nice and smooth. One of the reasons why I love wraps, is that it’s evenly distributed on both shoulders. If you are using a ring sling or similar, it’s a lot of pressure on one side of your body.
  5. Take both fabric pieces that are now in front and pull them underneath the fabric that is currently wrapped around your abdomen.
  6. Create another X shape in front of your abdomen and wrap fabric around towards your back.
  7. You can then tightly secure the ends of the fabric with a double knot in back. If there is an excessive amount of fabric left, I would personally tie the end of the wrap in the front of your abdomen once again using the X motion.
  8. Once you have everything in place, check for tightness and security. If the wrap feels too loose, go back to step #6. That step is your foundation for baby. You’ll know you’re doing it right when you have an X in the front and in the back.
  9. Look for the side that is closest to your clothing to place baby in first. Bunch all the material in one hand and slide baby in using your opposite hand.
  10. Quickly fan out bottom material so that it goes hip to hip, or “cheek to cheek”.
  11. Support baby’s back using the hand you first used and repeat steps #10 and #11 on the other side of baby’s bottom.
  12. Check to make sure baby is in correct positioning. It is the most important thing to have into consideration at this point. To do this, you want to make sure baby’s legs are in an “M” position and baby’s knees are higher than their hips. Also called “the spread squat position”. This prevents hip displasah and creates a strong foundation for baby.
  13. “Peeling back the Onion”: when it’s time to take baby out, roll the front of the fabric all the way down going horizontally. Hold baby with one hand while the other hand removes a shoulder all the way down. Repeat on opposite side.

Benefits for baby wearing

Replicates being in utero. Most babies that are wrapped, often feel calm and secure all the time because this really replicates being in utero for 9 months. They knew moms voice during this time and felt safe, secure and warm.

A way for dad’s to bond deeper. Dad’s who wear their baby in wraps or carriers allows them to bond with baby on a much deeper level.

Mom’s summer accessory. Some moms like to wear these Sollybaby wraps right over a tank top as their summer accessory so they’re ready to wear baby at any time.

Great position for breastfeeding. As long as mom and baby are comfortable, breastfeeding while wrapped is the perfect on the go breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Make sure baby is always visible and kissable. What that means is you can look down and see baby’s face and that you are able to kiss them.

Things to make sure: any hair is removed from the front; no thick clothing that could potentially constrict their airways.

Pro Tip: With baby sitting on one side, next time make sure to switch sides. This helps protect your own back. Also, even more importantly, this helps babies range of motion in their necks. Just like us adults, if baby is always turning their head one way, going the opposite way would then cause pain.

Sometimes, when we see moms come in with breastfeeding challenges due to neck restrictions, they are often due to one sided slings.

Common questions:

Babies facing out VS facing in: we always recommend baby facing in toward your chest. This really strengthens the bond and connection between carrier. This is also an alternative to tummy time. This strengthens baby’s neck and head muscles which is huge for development.

Baby’s facing out can sometimes get over stimulated with seeing lights and sounds all the time. Facing out can also contribute to hip displacuah. Which is instability of the hips with babies because there is no support on their knees, hips or legs.

What ages are best for wraps? Infant to newborn. Carriers with a soft buckle or similar, you do not want to start using it until baby is able to sit up on their own. Because babies are unable to stabilize themselves on their sides yet, which those carriers have no support on the sides. Where a wrap is stabilized within all the areas of their trunk.

How to know when baby is too big for a wrap? Babies will start to weigh you down. If they are too low and you can’t kiss them, it’s time they outgrew the wrap.

Is there a safe way to wear twins at once?

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