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Lifestyle photography, as I’ve talked about many times before, is the best style for families– especially with a toddler. Just the thought of having your little one in a clean, precarious outfit and posing for photos might make you cringe with fear. I totally understand, but I want to reassure you that with a more relaxed style of work, you and your family can enjoy incredible images without too much stress or hassle. Photography through a lifestyle lens allows for easy laughter, genuine interaction and even a little bit of chaos. Everything that your toddler needs for an amazing session. 

1. Don’t Expect Perfection

Of course, this seems like a given, but it’s important to remember. For our sessions together, I nurture a calm and relaxing environment so that you and your little ones can feel at ease. There isn’t any stiff posing or certainties, all we’re looking for if for your family to act like yourselves while I act as a fly on the wall. Toddlers follow behaviors, so if you’re stressed out, they will be too! Take a deep breath and relax, mama– your little one is going to do just fine. 

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2. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Playful

Whether we’re in the studio or your home, I always encourage parents to play and interact with their little ones! Let your toddler lead a little bit; if they reach down to start playing with the studio toys, or want to be read a book in their nursery, do it! Not only will you be keeping the peace, but I get to capture incredible, real-life moments that so often go missed. Act how you would as if I’m not even there, and the images will be a true, beautiful reflection of your lives.

3. Honor Their Emotions

As a mother before anything else, I understand that toddlers have big emotions. In addition to that, they don’t have the capacity to deal with them in a productive way, and that’s totally okay. Our jobs as parents are to guide them through their feelings and help them process whatever is in their head. That doesn’t stop just because we’re doing a photography session. If your little one needs a break, we’ll take one. If they want to ask questions and be curious, encourage that! The most important thing is the comfort and happiness of your child, always. 

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