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As a Chicago maternity photographer, I know a lot of mothers-to-be get some nerves before their session. That’s natural! You’re taking photos you’re going to look back on forever, as the start of your journey into motherhood; it’s a big deal. I want you to feel confident, celebrated and empowered when it comes time for your maternity session. There are some effortless, timeless poses that you can always default to whenever you get stuck. Plus, your photographer should help you along too. 

1. One Hand Under The Belly

This is such a beautiful pose because it’s natural– expectant mothers hold their bellies all the time. It’s not rigid or stiff, and it won’t look forced. You’re simply cradling your little one, feeling for their movement and showing your love. 

2. Looking Down At Your Stomach

As a mother, you’ll spend a lot of your time gazing lovingly at your little one. Again, it’s probably something you already are accustomed to doing! But, it’s just an elegant act of a mother’s love, and one that transcends time in its beauty. 

3. Side Profile Silhouette

I absolutely adore this pose. It can be such a symbol of motherhood, a powerful reminder of the life you’re creating. Pregnancy is so powerful, and I always want to reinforce that in my work. A kind of blurred outline or a focused image are both stunning representations of this incredible time in every mother’s life.

4. Partner’s Hands Over Yours On The Belly

If your partner is involved in your maternity session, one of the most gorgeous images is your hands entwined over your stomach. It’s a declaration of the love you share and the life you’ve created, the one you’ll raise together. A simple gesture with a strong meaning behind it– your child will always be safe and loved.

Maternity sessions are all about celebrating your little one, and they don’t have to be overly posed. I know that sometimes we get uncomfortable in front of the camera, and it’s amazing to have a few stances in your back pocket whenever you feel unsure. These poses are elegant and classic, everything you need in a maternity shoot. 

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