Why I Take A Fine Art Photography Approach

Fine art photography isn’t always brought into the realm of newborn and family photography. A lot of people think that family images need to be posed, matching and absolutely perfect. I fall into a new wave of thinking when it comes to how to capture family photos. The fine art approach allows the photographer to memorialize all the precious, little moments, while the family gets to enjoy their special time together.

Fine art photos, when it comes to family imagery, probably isn’t what you think of either! It’s not a highly stylized or choreographed photoshoot. Rather, it’s a laid-back approach to let families feel comfortable, and feel like themselves, in front of the camera. So many clients are worried about looking rigid or getting all their angles just right. I love to reassure anyone I’m working with to take a deep breath and focus on their loved ones. After all, the goal is to capture those pure moments of your family in all its authenticity.

I’ve talked a lot about how important it is to forget the camera is even there. With a fine art style, it’s imperative that you just behave as you normally would! Of course, you’re going to be a little bit dolled up, and your children will be wearing clean clothes (a marvel in and of itself), so it’s not completely unstaged. My job is to capture moments of joy, love and laughter, from silliness to shyness. I want to act as a mirror for your family, so you can see and celebrate all your beauty as it looks from the outside. The fine art style through a lifestyle lens is a truly magical way to capture photos.

Let’s Work Together to Create Timeless Memories

If you have any questions about fine art photography, let me know! I would love to work with you and your little one. Please reach out if you’re looking for a Hinsdale photographer! To see more of my portfolio please click over here and get in touch. Follow me on Instagram for announcements and updates.

Interested in a custom portrait session with Cristina Hope Photography and would like more information? Please click here to learn more about me and this experience. I look forward to working with you! Together we can plan your dream session.

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