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When it comes to Chicago photography, and finding a newborn photographer that’s right for you, I know you have endless options! That can be overwhelming, and even a little bit discouraging. When you begin your search for a newborn photographer that’s right for you, I know that there are so many questions whirling around in your mind you’re dying to ask. Here are five things that you absolutely need to ask your newborn photographer! 

1. What Is Their Style Of Photography? 

This is a huge question, and maybe the most important (although everything on this list is!). When you’re browsing photographers in your area, make sure you inquire about their style! For instance, my work is lifestyle photography, meaning that sessions with me are relaxed, baby-led, and not super posed. Other photographers use intense props, lighting equipment, and posing to get their desired outcome. What you need to consider is what style works best for you and your baby, and what you want to see reflected in the images. 

2. Are They A Full-Service Photographer? 

Not everyone in the photography industry is full-service, and that’s totally okay! Full-service photography is a great option for clients looking for a simplified and more luxurious experience on their end. For example, it could mean providing wardrobe, hair and makeup, and a finished collection at the end of your time together. Other photographers have you coming to the studio, or meeting on location, with everything needing to be ready to go! Either option is amazing and going to give you a great experience– you just need to see what you’d prefer. 

3. Do They Offer At-Home Sessions? 

If you’re looking to capture your newborn in the comfort of your home, and document their nursery, this is a wonderful option! Unfortunately, not all newborn photographers offer at-home services, so make sure you ask them early on in your process. The last thing you’d want is to get your heart set on a photographer only to find out they operate on a studio-only basis. 

4. Does Your Baby Have To Be Sleeping The Whole Time? 

This may seem like an odd question, but some photographers prefer to have newborn sessions only while your baby is napping. Of course, newborns sleep so much in their first few weeks, but as a mama I understand that babies are unpredictable! They may have an established sleep schedule one week, and the next that schedule has turned on its head. It’s important that you find a photographer who is comfortable with the unpredictability that comes with newborns, and wants to capture some images when they’re awake! I have so many incredible moments captured with a newborn who yawns and opens their eyes, curiously looking around and taking everything in. 

5. Is There A Monthly Client Limitation? 

When you finally find a newborn photographer you want to book, check and see if they have a monthly client limit! A lot of newborn photographers, myself included, operate on the basis of a set monthly number of clients. This is to ensure that there is wiggle room for any hiccups, like a need to reschedule! It’s great to work with a photographer who leaves room for life having other plans, and is able to work with your schedule and your life. 

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