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When we begin discussing your newborn studio photography session, I know there are probably so many questions that come to your mind. I only have a set number of newborn sessions per month, so that I have time to put all your fears at ease and answer any questions you could have. In the meantime, I made a little checklist of what you should bring to your newborn session! 

1. Newborn Outfits 

After you book your session, we can start to talk about styling choices. I offer a studio wardrobe with pieces for the whole family, from newborns to dads! Of course, it’s always good to bring a few extra, simple white or neutral onesies just in case. Any accessories you’d like photographed, like bows or specific muslin wraps, bring along as well! 

2. Fully Stocked Diaper Bag

This may seem obvious, but it’s good to note! Before you leave for our session, triple check to be sure your diaper bag has everything your baby could possibly need. Diapers, wipes, diaper cream, bottles, pacifiers– it’s good to be over prepared so we’re ready for anything! If at any point there needs to be an outfit or diaper change, that’s no trouble at all. 

3. Mom, Dad, and Toddler(s)

In all the prep for your newborn session, don’t forget to think of yourself as well! Hair, makeup, and wardrobe can all be set ahead of time if you take advantage of my studio wardrobe, but it’s always great to have anything as a backup just in case! Extra undergarments, neutral t-shirts for dad and your other kiddos, and any other accessories are so nice to have on hand. 

4. Snacks and Water

Newborn sessions are part of my signature session offerings, so they go a bit longer! It’s so important to stay hydrated to make sure you feel your best, and bringing any snacks along for yourselves and other kiddos is always smart. Of course, it’s nice to bring a few treats if we ever need to reward your toddler for all their hard work! I recommend teddy grahams or mini marshmallows, nothing chocolatey or sticky since we want to avoid any mess! 

This is just a nice list to get you started when we book our session together. I am always happy to chat and go over anything else with you; I am here for you every step in our journey! 

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