Nine Month Milestone Simplicity Session | Baby Ella

Here is beautiful baby Ella again, this time for her nine month milestone simplicity session! She was dressed in an outfit from my studio wardrobe; I have so many choices available for this age group. 

For a simplicity session, I recommend that my clients opt for one only one outfit, and then some naked poses– I love to capture all those sweet baby rolls. I find that too many outfit changes can overstimulate the baby. Simplicity sessions are meant to be just that, simple and easy for the baby and parents. Keeping the studio decor, like the scattered flowers, neutral is key to timeless portrait photos.

Mom is always welcome to jump in a few photos during a session like this. Actually, I insist on it! I truly believe that having photos with our children is one of the biggest gifts we can share with them. Having worked with Ella and her family since she was a newborn, I know that she and her parents will look back and cherish this photos.

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