Finding Your Confidence Through Maternity Photography

One of the things I love most about maternity photography is that it celebrates mamas. Maternity sessions are a time when you get to feel empowered in your body, and part of that is feeling confident in yourself. 

Pregnancy brings about so many new changes in your life, of course, but I completely understand that sometimes you don’t feel like yourself. Your body is transforming to do all it can to support your baby, so naturally you might not always feel confident in those transformations. In maternity sessions, I make sure that the focus is all about making you feel your absolute best, so that we can celebrate you and all the things your amazing body is doing for your baby. Here are a few tips on finding your confidence through maternity photos. 

1. Bring Your Partner 

Having your partner or spouse with you can make you feel more comfortable, and that will bring out your confidence. Taking this time together before your child arrives is a perfect way to reconnect with each other! Having your ultimate support system to be there for you is incredible. 

2. Choose A Look You Love

I always provide my client closet and styling services. Prior to our session together, we can go through every option and find pieces that are perfect for you. I love flowy silhouettes to show off your beautiful baby bump, and more neutral tones to keep the looks timeless. Styling your session beforehand will take any stress out of finding something to wear, and my amazing hair and makeup team will take care of the rest! You get to show up to the studio bare-faced and comfy. 

3. Own Your Body

This is the most important tip! Your body is doing the most incredible and beautiful thing that it can, and I know sometimes it doesn’t always make you feel your best. That’s why maternity shoots are so necessary– you get all the focus on you, and I get to guide you through the session, making sure you are comfortable the entire time. I can give gentle guidance if you need help with posing, but other than that, it’s laid-back and natural. As a mama-to-be, you have to take time for yourself to celebrate yourself whenever you can. 

Let’s Work Together to Create Timeless Memories

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