In-Studio Maternity Photography Session | Jen & Brad

I love how maternity photography gives women the opportunity to be celebrated and to celebrate themselves. This studio maternity session with Jen, Brad and their adorable pup was so special. 

I always tell mamas-to-be that bringing your partner into your maternity session experience is incredible. It’s one of the final days of your family consisting only of the two of you; together, you can cherish each other fully and take the space to realize how your lives will soon be changing forever. With maternity sessions, you and your partner can be still in the love that is between the two of you, anticipating the newborn that is going to bring out a kind of love you didn’t even know existed. It really is a magical experience. 

Jen was so stunning; I loved the dresses she chose from my curated client wardrobe. She looked completely ethereal and powerful, how I want all my mamas to be for a session with me. Brad went with a classic look that is timeless, and looked so handsome. Of course, their little pup was handsome, too! He definitely loved being a part of this experience with them. I know that he is going to make a wonderful fur-sibling to their newborn.

Let’s Work Together to Create Timeless Memories

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